Janes Pouty Time Out Dolls
please:  Click on links below photos(not photos) to see  
time out dolls .i.e. boy dolls ,girl dolls etc.If dolls are sold I
can make a very similar one.If there's not a sold sign  they
should be available.There are 4 pages of dolls, click on
Construction:Made of new cloth,woodframe,firmly
stuffed with fiberfill.
Dolls are approx 30" tall.
Clothes : Either handmade or gently used, very clean.
Prices: Are displayed by ea doll and doesnot include
Payment: I accept credit cards through paypal, or M.O. Or
Shipping: I only charge exact shipping, and I ship as soon
as payment arrives.Shipping price depends on your zip
code,if you send me your zip code I can calculate it for
To ORDER: Email me  poutydolls@yahoo.com
You might need to copy and paste the email address, some pcs won't
recognize the link.
Simply tell me which doll you'd like and we'll go from there, or call me at

509 664 3222
ask for Jane
If you don't see a doll for you my motto IS "You name it I'll make it" so
feel free to ask.
I'm sorry I can't have a shopping cart on my site, because the dolls sell
as fast as I put them on and someone might buy one and if I didn't get to
it fast enough to put sold on it, then someone else might buy the same
doll. so either email or phone call is the  only way I can to take orders.
BOY timeout DOLLS sold
see more dolls click here
See more dolls click here
see more dolls click here
sold see more dolls click here
or call me
509 664 3222 ask for Jane